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TranscriptPad 2.0 Update

TranscriptPad 2 icon

TranscriptPad 2.0 has just been released and is a great tool for anyone who needs to read, review and mark up transcripts, depositions or similar records. This app is by the same company that designed TrialPad. (There is even a 2.0.1 update already available) The improvements include:

◆ Completely redesigned for iOS 8, with a streamlined and more intuitive user interface.
◆ Runs natively on 32-bit and 64-bit devices, for optimum performance.
◆ TranscriptPad now supports transferring files to and from Box, Dropbox, Transporter and WebDAV.

One of the best tools and uses for the app is the ability to tag, flag, identify, etc. issues, concerns or things to follow up on.

Transcript Mark up

As you review through the text, you can easily select and mark up relevant text to not only help remind you about ideas, but organize them. What good is physically highlighting different depositions in different color highlighters when you can electronically accomplish the same thing and automatically organize the information?

TranscriptPad 2 report

Once you have performed the task of highlighting/marking up, you can then generate a “report” with the relevant information organized or simply review the information based on drop down lists. You can export the report into several formats including PDF, TXT, Excel and can include or omit issue codes or annotations.

TranscriptPad2 Report2

The “reports” can be sent to the client, co-counsel or simply used by you to prepare for cross-examination, trial or an appeal.

Easy Reading

Because the files imported are text files, you can convert them to various fonts to review the transcript. You are not stuck with Courier. Also, you can turn on  the Auto-Scroll feature to have the transcript scroll by and vary the rate of scroll.


If you are trying to improve you efficiency in organizing, processing and sharing thoughts about depositions, transcripts and similar materials, you will find this a valuable tool. There are many more features and tools to learn about. The best thing to do is to visit the developer’s website and watch several videos of the app in use here. The videos appear to use the older versions of the app but will give you a good idea about the power of this tool.



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