Penultimate App Updated

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Penultimate, a digital handwriting, sketching and drawing app for the iPad has been updated. Plus, if you are an Evernote user, the drawings can be synced and searched in your Evernote account on different devices and computers.

The latest improvements include:

– Zoom and drift improvements: resizable zoom box, writing speed responds to your handwriting, drift pauses when you stop writing
– Note page thumbnail tray: clear and delete pages, insert new pages, and find specific pages more easily in long notes
– Page break and number visible
– Automatic note titles turned on by default
– Jot Script accuracy improvements

The app works as expected – select paper, pen, color and draw. You can use a stylus or your finger. A nice feature is the ability to zoom in to write a note and have the area you are writing in drift as you draw. You do not need to be an Evernote user to use this app. However, some of the extra paper selections and handwriting searching features may not be available to you.

If you need a app to quickly jot down a sketch or idea, try this free app.


3 thoughts on “Penultimate App Updated

  1. Gosh, you better look at the Recent reviewers’ comments on Penultimate at the App store. Rating has plummeted since the update in late November, and users are scathing/angry/hysterically upset at the destruction of years’ of notes by this new version. I switched to GoodNotes, myself.

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