Location Services Draining Battery?

Location Services icon

Location services, the use of your location by apps can be a great tool. However, if apps are using your location services when you are not using the apps, your battery life can be lowered because the location of your device is being refreshed all the time.

home location services

To see if location services are being used, look at the top right of your home screen. If you see the little directional arrow, at least one app is using location services. To see which app it may be, tap Settings.

Then tap Privacy and then Location Services.

settings location services privacy


On the right column, in portrait view, you will see a list of apps. Tap on one that says always and see if you want to change the setting. For example, below, Replay is set to always use location services and the purple icon indicates that it is currently using the service.

Location Services

To turn off or modify the service, tap on the app and modify the allow locations access to never or while using the app if you prefer.

Modify location access

Note also that as soon as Never is selected, the location services icon goes away.

Never Location Services

Repeat this process for each app you do not want to access location services when not in use.

Separately, to see which apps may be using the most battery, tap Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Then, you can review which apps are guilty of the most battery usage and adjust your usage accordingly.

from Apple Inc.
from Apple Inc.

For other tips on maximizing the battery performance of your iOS device, go to Apple’s page on battery usage.


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