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Whether you are simply looking to get your thoughts, ideas or journaling done painlessly or planning on keeping better track of your time as a New Years resolution, you should get Day One on your Mac and iOS devices. The iOS version of Day One is on sale through Dec. 26 for 99¢.

The app was also a 2014 Design Award Winner from Apple.

Day One

This app makes journaling and capturing ideas relatively painless. It has the ability to automatically capture GPS information, weather information, date and time, photos, etc. all at the same time you enter your note or thought.

The Mac version is shown below. Note, the ability to enter a quick entry from the menu bar to capture that thought or idea no matter which app you may be using.

Day One Mac View

Importantly, no matter what device you are using (iOS or Mac), it can sync quickly and seamlessly to your other devices with Day One installed using iCloud or Dropbox. This means, when you enter information on one device, it will appear on the others.

Day One iOS images
iOS views of Day One


The app is packed with simple to use and powerful features. Some of the features include the ability to:

  • sync (via iCloud, Dropbox)
  • capture photos
  • automatically add weather and temperature
  • automatically add GPS location
  • automatically add date and time
  • publish and share (via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • look at your notes from different views
  • search
  • use Markdown
  • reminder to enter
  • tag

The video below is from Day One that discusses Publish and social media options.



If privacy is a concern, you can read about that here. The policy is the company does not have access to the data unless you give it to them. You can use a passcode to log into the app or on iOS devices with Touch ID, your finger. You can even encrypt the data on your iOS device with a passcode.

Sync – Painless (and Issue Resolution)

Once all of your devices are using the same iCloud account and have internet access, the syncing is quick and painless.

The only issue noticed was my iPad Air 2 did not seem to sync the notes from my iPhone 6 and Mac via iCloud as expected. This is probably not an issue with the app but rather the way iCloud handles syncing. The problem was solved by turning off iCloud on the iPad in Day One’s settings. Then, powering down the iPad. After restarting the iPad, open Day One and turn on the iCloud sync feature. After performing this, the app immediately synced all the notes and entries from my Mac and iPhone 6. Have Wi-Fi access for faster syncing, especially if you capture photos.


The search feature allows you to The app does not appear to allow you to search Tags within the general search feature of the app. You have to tap on the tags and then search for your tags.


Run, don’t walk to get this app to capture and share your ideas, thoughts and events. Don’t forget, the Mac app is a separate purchase than the iOS app. Get both and begin journaling your life.


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