Scannable from Evernote

Scannable Evernote icon and image

Looking for one more app to scan documents, notes, or business cards? Try Evernote’s new Scannable.

The app quickly recognizes business cards, receipts and other types of paper you point your iOS camera at. The scans are automatically cropped and enhanced. This works much better when you have the document on a contrasting background. Multiple images are saved and sent as one large PDF.

If you are into LinkedIn, you can scan business cards, add the person as a contact, add photos from LinkedIn and call or email the contact instantly.

Once a document is scanned, you can name it, add it to your Evernote account or send it via Mail, SMS or other methods.

Scansnap Evernote

The app is also designed to work with ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner.

You can read more about the app here. The app does what it says quickly and cleanly. If you have Evernote, it seems to be a good adjunct to the app.

(Disclaimer – if you click on the Evernote links and join, I get some points.)



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