Drafts 4 – One Stop Text Entry

Drafts 4 icon

Drafts has been  updated to version 4. This iOS universal app is a one stop shop for entering text and sending it to where you want it to be used.

The idea is simple. Open one app to enter your text and send it to the app or place where you want that text to be. This app saves you from having to open and switch between different apps to enter text.

Capture your thoughts and ideas in Drafts now then decide where you want to send them later.

The text you enter can be something you want to post on Facebook, Tweet, send to reminders, email, make a note, and more. There is even integration with Dropbox, Evernote and many other third party apps. Learn more about Evernote integration here.

You can create or use actions via the action directory to allow integration with apps like OmniFocus, Day One and Fantastical.


If you want one app to capture your text, ideas, tweets, email, calendar events AND save time, you need to get this app. It will take a few tries to wrap your head around the usefulness of the app. But, once you do, you won’t look back.


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