How to Add a New Keyboard(s)

credit Apple Inc.
credit Apple Inc.

Last year, Apple announced that iOS 8 supports third-party keyboard apps. If you have purchased one or more of these, it is not obvious how to make the keyboard the default keyboard or available to you. This post will walk you through the basics of the process on iOS8 devices.

First, download the keyboard you want to use in place of the Apple Keyboard. Some example of keyboard additions are shown below.




Hanx Writer

Next, tap Settings > General >Keyboard then Keyboards and then tap Add New Keyboard. You will see how many keyboards are available to you at “Keyboards.”

Settings Keyboard Screenshot

Then, tap Add New Keyboard. You will see the various third party keyboards available to you along with other built in keyboards related to other languages and countries.

Tap on the Keyboard you want to make available to you and tap add new keyboard. You can only add one at a time, so repeat to add additional ones. These will be available to you to use as explained below.

You may have the option of allowing the keyboard to have full access. Beware of allowing Full Access. This option, if turned on, allows the developer of the keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with that keyboard. This may include passwords, credit card information and street addresses. Some developers state they do not gather the information rather full access allows the app to share data with a broader container app to provide a better feature set, etc. You probably do not want to allow full access but that choice is available.

Last, tap in an app where you will need to type information (Safari, Mail, etc.). When the keyboard appears, at the globe icon, tap and hold down.

keyboard third party options

Now select the keyboard you want to use and it will be available to you. You can also simply tap on the globe icon to cycle through the keyboards available to you.


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