TranscriptPad Updated – Citrix Sharefile support

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TranscriptPad, an ipad application to allow you to read, review and markup transcripts from hearings, court and depositions, has been updated to version 2.1.o.

TranscriptPad2 Report2

The below features have been added:

> Added Citrix ShareFile cloud storage support.
> Added blue bar indicator to the left of files and folders of transcripts that have been annotated. Useful to determine which transcripts still need to be reviewed.
> The currently opened document, and the folder within which it resides, now appear shaded in the file list. This aids in navigating back to the file after viewing an exhibit, or to distinguish between similarly named documents.
> Added the ability to “Show Fingers” in Settings. Useful for training or demonstrations while mirroring. This automatically turns off when closing the app.
> Various other small bug fixes and performance improvements.

The developer describes the following features of the app:

TranscriptPad allows transcript digestion and collaboration, including the creation and assigning of issue codes, and a powerful search tool. And, you can carry and reference hundreds of transcripts right from your iPad.

Some of the powerful features TranscriptPad offers:

Full Text Search – As you review, you can search for key words through hundreds of transcripts in mere seconds. All results appear in context, and are easy to navigate and organize. You can easily create an issue code and generate a report from your search results.

Transcript Mark up
Issue Codes – Creating issue codes is fast and easy in TranscriptPad. Your custom issue codes can be applied to a single transcript or used across an entire case.

Exhibits – Exhibits are easily stored and accessed in TranscriptPad so that you can review them without losing your page or your thought process.

Organization – When TranscriptPad imports your transcripts it automatically folders and organizes according to deponent name and date, making it easy to locate a transcript. You can still create your own custom folders and organize them by issue or witness.

Although the price of $89 seems steep for an app, the abilities and functions offered are worth it even for just one case.

You can combine the purchase with TrialPad for the Ultimate Litigation Bundle.

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  1. Hi Laurie- This blog is by an attorney who discussed apps for iPad which you might find useful. I subscribe and get one or two posts every week or two. Love, Dad


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