OneNote for iPad – OCR and Handwriting Update

OneNote 2.0 icon

OneNote for iPad has received a major update to its abilities – Handwriting and OCR for images.

The app is used to capture and share thoughts and ideas as well as organize information. The information can be synced between your iOS devices and Mac via Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service.

OneNote Screenshot with Handwriting

The developer describes the new features as follows:

• Handwriting – Sometimes, there’s just no substitute for putting pen to paper and sketching out your next great idea. That’s why we’re introducing handwriting to OneNote. Highlight documents, scribble notes, or just doodle until your heart’s content.
• OCR for Images – Search for text contained within images in your OneNote notebooks. OCR is now supported on new images added to OneDrive notebooks. You can even copy the image text and add it to your notes. Existing images will also become searchable soon!
• Bug fixes

Be aware that the OCR function is not instantaneous. It may take some time for the function to “decode” the image. It seems to work fairly well with type. It is not clear whether handwriting recognition is working.

In any case, OneNote has taken a major step forward against Evernote as a rival for ease of capturing ideas, information and syncing.


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