OmniOutliner for iOS Universal version released

OmniOutliner for iPad icon

The OmniGroup has updated OmniOutliner as a universal app that can be run on both iPads and iPhones. The release requires at least iOS version 8.1. You can watch the app in action here.

Some of the new features and bug fixes include:

  • Outline View — The outline view now freely scrolls, so the outline column can be scrolled off the screen.
  • Images — Image attachments will automatically scale down to fit the width of the column.
  • Outline View — The indentation amount for rows now scales with the zoom level.
  • Templates — Additional templates used in OmniOutliner 4 for Mac have been added.
  • Appearance — The application icon and file browser have been redesigned.
  • Updated Layout — The layout of the interface has been adapted to work on smaller iPhone and iPod touch screens as well as larger iPad screens. As a result, some of the controls may no longer be where they used to be–and may even shift automatically to different locations depending on your screen size and orientation. We hope we’ve done this in a way that makes the app even easier to use efficiently, but if you have any comments about any of the changes please don’t hesitate to email us!
  • Text Zoom — The default zoom level has been changed to 120% to better work across all iOS devices.
  • Flyout Buttons — The new row and notes flyout buttons now have a translucent background so they are easier to see over text.
  • Cellular Data — The switch for allowing OmniPresence to use cellular data has been removed. Cellular data usage is now solely controlled by iOS.
  • WebDAV — OmniPresence syncing accounts are now completely separate from WebDAV import/export accounts. Due to this, import/export accounts will need to be re-created.
  • WebDAV — Added a button to take you to the WebDAV server configuration when login fails.
  • Stability — Pasting URLs added to the pasteboard through a Share option should no longer crash.
  • Stability — Using shake to undo after changing the document title should no longer crash.
  • Scrolling — Fixed a rare issue of being scrolled back to the top when trying to scroll through a long document.
  • Word Export — The column style of the outline column should now apply to the export.
  • Word Export — Notes should now use the text alignment set in the document instead of always being left aligned.
  • Word Export — When row level styles contain nothing but a named style, those attributes should now be applied correctly to the export.
  • Templates — The default Blank template is now exactly the same as what ships with OmniOutliner 4 for Mac so there will be no surprises when switching between platforms.
  • Keyboard — The keyboard will no longer be dismissed when in the file browser due to a preview being generated.

OmniOutliner can help you get your thoughts down and build your story, paper, or project.



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