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Evernote for iOS updated

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Evernote for the iPad has been updated to improve camera functionality and to prepare for the new Apple Watch.

The new camera functionality includes:

– Auto-capture: Point the camera at docs, whiteboards, and business cards
– Business cards: Connect to LinkedIn to get more info when scanning cards
– Review, crop, and rotate images before saving

Additional improvements include:

– Suggested notes in Today widget
– Mark reminder notifications as complete or snooze the reminder for an hour
– Start a work chat from the home screen
– Numerous bug fixes and improvements

To get ready for the introduction of the new Apple Watch, the app has been updated to allow the new device to communicate and work with the app. Features include:

– Dictate notes into Apple Watch and they’ll be transcribed and synced to Evernote
– See recently created, updated, and viewed notes
– Dictate searches and see results on your Apple Watch
– Create reminders and get notified about items due today.



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