Apple Watch Apps Begin to Appear

Clear icon

Beginning today, developers like Realmac Software are making their apps work with the new Apple Watch. Clear, a productivity app to help you organize tasks and reminders, is one of the newest apps to work with the watch.

To determine if apps will work with an Apple Watch, visit the app store and look up the app. You may see an note like “Works on Apple Watch” below the app icon.

The developer specifically explains how the app works on the watch:

  • your favorite to-do and reminders app to Apple Watch, allowing you to complete existing tasks from your wrist, and create tasks and reminders via dictation! Just ask Clear to “Remind me to take the cat for a walk tomorrow morning” and we’ll make sure you get reminded (if you’re not a cat person, it’s OK – you can set any other reminders). There’s also a Glance, to show your next upcoming Reminder.

    #protip: Tap the heatmap to complete a task, and use Force Touch to add new ones!

As users begin to receive their watches, the ways in which they integrate apps into their daily routines will continue to evolve.


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