Ulysses for iPad Update


Ulysses for iPad has been updated to version 2.0.1. This app allows you to focus on writing your thoughts down and organizing them. This app can handle whatever writing project you have whether a term paper, project, book or something in between. One of the best features is the ability to sync via iCloud with the desktop version of Ulysses. You can always pick up where you left off with this syncing feature.

The app also has customization to allow you to use or create a variety of “themes” to customize the look and feel of the app.

Ulysses Themes

According to the developer, 47 issues have been fixed.

The fixes include:

– Improved spec compliance of ePub export
– Added metadata to ePub export
– Adjusted look of some interface elements in dark mode
– Improved handling of text navigation using external keyboards
– Added number icons for groups
– Paragraph dividers are now always converted to page breaks when using the Swiss Knife and Plain & Simple export styles
– Fixed page layout of last page in ePub export preview
– Crash Reporter will remain closed if you dismissed a report
– Fixed TextExpander snippet expansion in element editors
– Fixed crash when trying to reorder sheets
– Fixed crash when opening Ulysses using an X-Callback URL
– Fixed a couple of small bugs and rare crashes.



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