Note Taking Apps Updated and Discounted

Notes Plus icon 4.4    UPAD3 icon

Two great note taking apps, NotesPlus and UPad3 have been updated.

Both apps allow you to write on your iPad like you were taking notes on a piece of paper and offer a variety of additional features to help you organize, store and share your notes.

NotePlus has the ability to not only take notes in a variety of styles, including with your finger or stylus but also with a keyboard. The app was recently updated and is on sale. “40% off for a limited time – now with Handwriting Recognition included.”

NotesPlus 4 screenshot

You can also record audio while you take notes.

One of the best features, included with the app is the ability to translate your handwriting into recognizable typed text.

You can watch version 4 in action here.


UPAD3 has been upgraded from version 2 to work better with iOS8. It is on sale for 50% off to celebrate the introduction.

UPAD3 Screenshot

Not only can you write out notes, but you can mark up PDFs, draw shapes and add various pen colors to help capture your thoughts. You can even download a variety of paper templates to use.

An older Youtube video of the app in action appears below.


If you are looking for note taking apps, consider NotesPlus or UPAD3.

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