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Together Mobile Updated

Together icon

Together Mobile is an app that allows you to collect, store and organize notes, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and more. It’s sort of an electronic scrap book.

Together Screenshot

The app allows you to create labels, ratings and otherwise group bits of information to help the information be organized and found.

It has been updated to version 1.2.1 that addressed the following:

– Fixed misaligned switches in some settings and info views on iOS 8.3.
– On iPad, the group and item info popovers are now sized correctly.
– In portrait mode on iPad, the sidebar no longer overlays the compose sheet when creating new items.
– Fixed a problem of an alert appearing with no cancel button when saving the library.
– Added information about using the Share extension to the Welcome note.
– Fixed a problem where duplicate Welcome to Together files could be created in iCloud Drive.

Together screen shot 2

The iOS version of this app syncs with the Mac version of Together via iCloud. Support questions are addressed on the Together support page.


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