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MindNode Updated for iPad

MindNode icon

MindNode for iPad has been updated to version 4.0 to work with the brand new MindNode for Mac version. There are new features as well.

Mindmapping is a great process for organizing your thoughts, projects, goals and more. These apps makes the process easy, fun and useful.

The new features include:

• Notes – a great way to add more content to your ideas
• Connection Labels – enhance your cross connections with context
• Stickers – a custom set of colored and tinted icons
• Apple Watch app – view your important documents as an outline
• New Styles and new content inspector – add shapes, borders and strokes to your nodes
• Improved Layout – Better manual layout and new Smart Layout options
• Personal Theme – makes it easier to create your personal style
• New custom user interface font

One of the helpful new features is the content inspector view, shown below. With this view, you can change various settings of the specific node you are working on.

MindNode Outline View

Another new feature that helps is the outline view, shown on the right side of the screen, that allows you to see and organize your thoughts in a more traditional way.

MindNode Outline View

Using the Cloud Service with MindNode

Now, you can use iCloud and DropBox to sync maps created with MindNode. On the iPad app, tap the gear icon and under sharing, turn on the iCloud or DropBox service. There is also a MyMindNode service as well.

On the Mac version, make sure you have your iCloud drive service on. (System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options and MindNode selected.) Then, when you go to save a MindNode document, make sure it is saved to the MindNode – iCloud folder.

MindNode iCloud Save

When you open the app on your iPad, you will have the option to select a cloud service at the top left of the screen. Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular service to update the data stored in the cloud.

MindNode Cloud

Tap on the appropriate selection. For example, if you want to view documents stored in iCloud, tap iCloud Drive. The documents you have saved from your Mac of prior MindNode for iPad sessions, should be available to you.


MindNode is one of the best mind mapping apps that easily allows you to work from your Mac or iOS device and sync the projects you are creating.


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