TrialPad Update for DocReviewPad

TrialPad 4 icon

In anticipation of the newest app release from Saurian, TrialPad is adding support for the soon to be released DocReviewPad.

This app is used by lawyers during trial, motion hearings and during mediation. TrialPad helps you not only organize the information you will need but present it in a powerful real time way that many other apps can’t offer.

DocReviewPad isn’t quite out yet. However, it is designed to make mobile document review easy.

Here are some of the features of DocReviewPad that should be released soon.

  • The only full featured and professional mobile document review tool
  • Standardized user interface and user experience matches TrialPad and TranscriptPad for the Lit Software “Suite” experience; current TrialPad and TranscriptPad users will be immediately comfortable and up to speed
  • Apply customized Bates numbers to hundreds or thousands of pages, quickly and easily; with border, size, and location options
  • Rapidly review documents using intuitive swipe gestures
  • Mark documents with built in tags for Confidential, Privileged, Relevant, or Responsive
  • Assign your own color-coded Issue Codes, e.g. Bank Statements or Nurses Notes
  • Zoom in, highlight, or annotate documents
  • Flag important documents, and add notes (a digital sticky note)
  • Search for a Bates number, file name, or text within one document, a folder of documents, or the whole case
  • Export a document production set, omitting certain documents (e.g. all documents, except documents tagged as Confidential and/or Privileged)
  • Create beautiful PDF reports of documents produced, including the number of pages, Bates number ranges, and any assigned issue codes and notes; or create a report without showing your issue codes to give to the clerk or opposing counsel
  • Easily create separate case and witness folders
  • File formats supported: Adobe Acrobat PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF, Multi-Page TIF, and TXT
  • Export your documents into TrialPad, with all Issue Codes organized into Key Doc folders
  • Fast access to common case folder functions (Open, Rename, Duplicate, Delete) by pressing and holding a case folder
  • Access an integrated Quick Tutorial Video onboarding experience, and a free iBook Quick Start Guide, in the Help menu
  • Import documents from cloud storage options (Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, Transporter, and WebDAV) as well as iTunes File Sharing
  • Streamlined workflow for Cloud Storage lets users browse multiple accounts, and log in and out of services on-the-fly
  • Folder organization inside a case folder allowing for 72 possible combinations of folder colors and icons
  • Quickly navigate back to any hierarchical case level, or all the way to the Cases screen, by pressing and holding the Back button
  • Proudly designed, coded, and supported in the United States



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