Drafts 4 Updated

Drafts 4 icon

Drafts 4 is a great app for getting your information entered in text form. It is a quick capture note taking app for iOS. From this app, you can then act on the entry by “sending” it to other apps or let it stay until you decide what you want to do with the information.

Drafts 4 Screenshot

There are many apps that Drafts 4 can talk with to increase the usefulness of the actions.

Some of the latest improvements include:

– [New] Handoff support. Works to pass current selected draft between devices, including iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch.
– [Change] Misc. VoiceOver improvements.
– [Change] Improvements to Facebook integration code to reduce chances of failed postings.
– [New] Prompt action step title, message and button fields can now contain drafts tags for dynamically creating values.
– [New] Some additional action icons choices.
– Other misc. fixes and improvements.

You can watch Drafts in action on an Apple Watch below.

To use the Extended Keyboard that comes with Drafts 4, watch the below video.



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