DocReviewPad for iPad Released


DocReviewPad for iPad is the latest app from Lit Software and promises to make reviewing, bates numbering and producing documents for litigation easier and more helpful. This app is for lawyers, paralegals and others who need to organize and review electronic documents.

DocReviewPad+Organize Screenshot

The app allows you to import various documents, assign custom Bates numbers and review the documents with built in tags to help you organize the information into reports and import them directly into TrialPad, an app to help you organize and present information for trial, mediation and depositions.


You can assign custom Bates numbers, with up to 6 letters and 9 numbers, that automatically increment on every page (e.g. Smith-123456789). With each page having it’s own number it makes it easier to determine that everyone is on the same page when referencing the document at trial or in a deposition.

You can sort by Bates numbers, or perform a Search to find a page with a particular Bates range. After assigning a Bates number you can edit the location of the Bates number to eight possible positions, to making sure important information is not written over by the numbers.

You can have all your documents on your iPad in a searchable, easy to access, and organized way.

Annotation tools like highlighters and pens make marking up documents easy. Make sure to tap and hold on the Annotate button to have the highlighter colors, pens and markers appear.

You can also use the search feature to find words in documents you are looking for as well. The document will need to be a searchable PDF to search for language in the document.

Client meetings, hearings and mediations no longer require large boxes of files. You still may need to print the documents to mark as exhibits. But, carrying around all of the documents in an electronic format makes the task of finding just the right document easier.


Whether you need to create a set of documents to produce, review a documents provided to you, or export certain documents to TrialPad for a mediation or trial, this app can help. During an Export you choose to include or exclude documents based on various criteria, including whether they have been reviewed or not, have certain Tags assigned to them, or have specific Issue Codes.

DocReviewPad works with cloud services: Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Transporter, and WebDAV. You can also use email or the File Sharing feature in iTunes to import or export your documents

To download the DocReview User guide, click here. To learn more about his and other apps from LitSoftware, visit their homepage.

If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Acrobat DC to help you organize, mark up and bates number documents in litigation, consider DocReviewPad because it will let you organize and review on the go with ease.


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