Lexis Advance HD Update

Lexis Advanced icon

Lexis Advance HD, the app that allows you to use and access your Lexis legal searching tools, has added support for TouchID so you can log in with iOS devices that have this feature.

When you first run the updated app, you will be asked if you want to enable TouchI ID. You can change this in the settings menu. Make sure to slide on remember me so you can log in easily in the future. If you tap the gear icon in the top right, you can toggle Touch ID.

Other fixes or improvements include:
– Added Copy with Citation feature
– Enhanced login “Remember Me” feature
– Ability to search archived codes from My Workspace
– Searchable Topic Summaries
– Email option to deliver Case Summary only
– Display recent folders and default to last folder when saving to folder
– Persist “Search within Results” terms within current search results
– Content additions
– Other enhancements and bug fixes

This app has improved over time and makes your legal research much more efficient.

Lexis Screenshot

With this app, you can not only search for cases, but once you find the cases, you can send them to a client created folder, copy the citations or email them. Once the client folder is created, you can then view that folder and items stored in it on the iPad version as well as the online version. You can even make the documents available offline.


If you have a Lexis account, Lexis Advance HD is a great way to do research legal issues, categorize the work or assign the materials to client folders.


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