OmniGroup Updates

The OmniGroup has updated both OmniFocus, a powerful task management app, and OmniGraffle, a diagraming app that allows you to create great layouts.

OmniFocus Screen Shot iPad

The updates to OmniFocus include:

• Pro Purchase — The Today area of Settings now always immediately refreshes to show Pro options after purchasing/restoring Pro.
• CSV Export — This feature is now always available.
• Nearby — The explain-o-text now adapts to orientation changes on iPhone, avoiding cut-off text.
• Crash in Swipe to Flag — Fixed a crash related to toggling flags for rows.
• Crash on Home Screen — Fixed a crash re-arranging home screen tiles.
• Sync Triggers — OmniFocus now syncs right away when a change has been made which affects app icon badge counts.
• Apple Watch — Changes made on Apple Watch can now sync without OmniFocus on your iPhone needing to be launched.


OmniGraffle Screenshot ipad

OmniGraffle 2.2 for iOS is a major update that adds Actions, offers an overhaul of Gestures, and includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements along with other new features. This release requires iOS 8.3.

New Features

• An Action Inspector and Browse Action Tool have beed added to give the ability to jump elsewhere in the document, toggle layer visibility, and open URLs. Actions require the Pro In-App Purchase.
• Inspectors now allow keyboard input when in Compact mode on smaller iOS devices.
• The Document Picker can now support external document storage providers such as iCloud Drive. (Beta)

Recent Changes

• Gesture code has been re-written from the ground up.
• Send as PNG from the Document Picker should now export the current canvas, instead of the first canvas in the document.
• Many improvements related to Undo have been made.
• A number of important bug fixes and stability improvements have been made.


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