Apple Pencil Order Limits

credit Apple Inc.
(credit Apple Inc.)

Apple has placed limits on the purchase of its new Apple Pencil stylus on the online store. When you try to order more than 2, you receive an message telling you that the quantities you can order are limited.

Apple Pencil Limits

The new stylus has been sold out almost since its introduction on Nov. 11. Shipping times currently show 4-5 weeks.

The Apple Stores have Pencils as demonstration tools to use and try out but have not had stock to sell in large quantities.

Pencil at different angles

The above drawing was made using the Pencil and shows what happens when selecting a couple of different tools and varying the angle and pressure of the Pencil using Apple’s built in Notes app on the iPad Pro.

The Pencil does have some fun properties including the ability to shade and change the thickness of the line based on pressure and angle.

It is simple to pair your Pencil. Remove the cap and insert the lighting tip into your iPad. Tap on blue tooth pairing when the message appears.

Another fun feature of the Pencil is that when it rolls, it always ends up with the  logo on the metal band facing up.

If you want one by the holidays, order it now.



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