Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait

Pencil Box Opening

When the Apple Pencil came, there were a couple of questions, How good does it work with the iPad Pro, How long does the charge last, How can you check the charge?

First, the Pencil works great with the iPad Pro. Using the built in Notes app, the ability to smoothly draw, sketch and write is abundantly clear.

Battery Pencil Level

The charge seems to last for a very long time. In order to check the battery charge, you swipe down from the top of your iPad, tap widgets and you will see the paired pencil with the battery charge percentage remaining.

Pencil Adapter Lightening Adapter

In order to charge the pencil, you can insert it into your iPad and watch the charge go up to 100% or using an adaptor, plug in the lightening cable, attach the adapter and then plug in your pen with the cap removed to charge the pencil.

The pencil comes with an extra tip and the above adapter. To replace the tip, you unscrew the old one.

Using apps like Notes Plus, Paper, or Procreate with the Pencil will make you want to take notes, draw and explore your inner artist. When you get the Pencil, start using it like you would with paper and pen and you will not be disappointed.



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