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Astropad Makes iPad Pro Draw Pad


Astropad Graphics Tablet app allows you to turn your iPad Pro (or other iPad) into an electronic drawing pad by connecting your iOS device to your Mac. Basically, the app allows you to mirror your computer screen to your iPad. You can then use your iPad screen to manipulate the cursor on your Mac.

The nutshell – It’s like making your computer into a touch screen.


The nice thing about this app for the artist (or anyone else) is the ability to combine the benefits of a pressure sensitive stylus with the ease of drawing while looking down at your iPad, not up at your screen.

There are a variety of pressure sensitive styluses that work with the app.

The app even works with dual monitors. You can select which monitor to use. The app connects to your Mac via USB or WiFi. You need to install a separate app on your computer. The set up is quick and easy.

Another benefit of this app is the ability to pinch on your iPad to zoom in and out to focus on details of your drawing.

If you have been wanting to use a variety of artistic apps or touch up photographs with the ease of a stylus, this app is definitely worth it.

The developer states they are working on an official iPad Pro update to work even better with the pencil. The getting started guide provides additional information.

You can learn more about the app here.



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