GoodNotes App – Take Notes and Do More

Goodnotes App icon

What do you look for in a note taking app for your iPad? Sure you want ease of use, customizable notebooks and paper, a choice of pens and colors but there are other features that are useful.

Palm rejection allows the app to ignore input from your palm but recognize it from your finger or stylus.

Shape recognition for drawing diagrams allows you to draw a shape and have the app recognize it to turn that squiggly circle into a perfect one.

How about the ability to have your notes on any iOS device sync via iCloud so you can always pick up where you left off or review your notes?

What if the app could search your hand writing?

What if you could select stuff you wrote and move it around the page?

What if you could have a zoom window to write your text in a big clean box that automatically transfers it to the page?

Goodnotes screenshot

Goodnotes App does all of this and more. It even works with the Apple iPad Pro and  Pencil. Using the app with the  Pencil feels natural and fluid. (Using the pencil at an angle did not appear to shade and the app did not appear to react to pressure to make the ink larger).

You can learn more about the features of the app by viewing the user guide.

This app instantly feels like what you would expect in a note taking app. Spend just a few minutes with it and you will forget you are writing on an electronic device. Spend a little longer and you will be able to search your notes with ease.

If you are looking for a note taking app, Goodnotes App is one to get and use.



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