Pigment – Coloring on an iPad?

Pigment icon

While walking through a toy store, I came across coloring books for adults – that is more complicated images to color in with coloring pencils or ink pens. I wondered if digital versions of this existed and came across Pigment. This app touts itself as being a true coloring book experience for adults. It has Apple Pencil and 3D touch support too!

After downloading Pigment, you are presented with a few screens to show you how to use some of the features.

As part of your download, you have several different books with drawings included to color. Some drawings are locked and you need the premium access to access.

There are 8 different coloring tools like pencil, marker, paint brush, and fill. You can use your finger, an Apple Pencil or other 3rd party stylus devices.

Pigment Screenshot 1

There are many colors to choose from. The Apple Pencil works amazingly well with the app. The thickness and strokes vary depending on the pressure applied as you would expect with the Apple Pencil.

You can zoom in and out, undo, change the size of the drawing tip and more. With the iPad Pro and Pencil it really feels like you are coloring. The app touts the zone out or zen like relaxation benefits of taking your mind off of other matters while you color.

You can subscribe to Pigment Premium Access which is a paid subscription that gives you unlimited access to all of the designs in the Pigment Library and removes watermarks on shared and saved images. You can also print high resolution images with the service. You can get the subscription as a weekly, monthly or yearly service. Your iTunes account will be billed accordingly.

Try out Pigment and see if you too experience the relaxation and joys of getting your mind off of your work for a little while.

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