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OmniFocus Update

OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

With the New Year, you may have promised yourself that you would do a better job of keeping up with events, chores, tasks, lists, etc.

OmniFocus, a task management system has just updated their app. OmniFocus 2.11 adds note and attachment indicator icons to lists (they were in editor tabs in OmniFocus 2.10) and fixes bugs.

This app was picked as one of the best apps for 2015.

The update includes the following fixes and improvements:
• Notes and Attachments — Added note and attachment indicator icons to individal rows in lists.
• Keyboard Shortcuts — Added ⌘F for search and ⌘1-3 to switch search scope. Added Esc to dismiss the current view. Fixed several bugs.
• iOS 9.2 — Fixed the alignment of toolbar buttons.
• Search — The sidebar now hides when entering Search via Keyboard Shorcut in portrait.
• Search Results — Deleting an item from search results once again dismisses the editor.
• Quick Actions — Backgrounding at the app with the repetition menu open now correctly displays the “Editing” row.
• Perspectives — Adding a new Perspective when all perspectives are marked as Favorites no longer locks the segmented control.
• “Convert to” — Made the use of these icons in the editor consistent.
• Crash in Settings — Fixed a crash resetting settings with all perspectives un-favorited.
• Crash — Fixed another somewhat common crash.

You can learn more about this app from the OmniGroup. Get the app and manage your tasks, time and life better.


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