MindNode Update Adds Tasks

MindNode icon

MindNode, a mindmapping app, has been updated to allow for and incorporate tasks into your projects.

Mindnode tasks birthday-party

Task support is now available in MindNode. On the canvas, you can turn child nodes into a task and check off completed tasks. MindNode will show a task progress indicator on parent nodes that have children with tasks and as the task is checked off as complete, the parent will update to show the percent complete.

Tasks in MindNode

You can also share your tasks with Apple Reminders. MindNode will keep the completion state in sync with Reminders.

For example when you mark a task as completed in Reminders, it will also be marked as completed in MindNode. This feature works across iOS and OS X.

mindnode quick entry

Also, on iOS devices, the keyboard can be used to speed up the entry of information, including adding tasks, an image or sticker, or a note without having to leave the edit mode.

Improved 3D-Touch support is available for compatible iOS devices.

If you have not tried MindNode, you are missing out on a great tool to help you organize tasks, write papers and work on projects. The app also works with iCloud to sync projects between your devices using iCloud.


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