Fantastical Updated

Fantastical iPad icon

Fantastical is a great alternative to Apple’s iCal app for the iPad and Mac. This calendar app has several advantages over Apple’s built in calendar app. The ability to view more and enter events easily is a big plus.

Fantastical iPad2 Screenshot

You can watch the app in action from this video. You should take note of the ease of entering events using natural language whether by typing or with your voice as well as the screen space that allows you to see more of the upcoming events.

The ability to search for upcoming events is nice as well because you can focus on the title, location, invitees as well. In terms of customization, you can change from Dark to Light mode too.

The new version of Fantastical has the following improvements:

– Can now tap and hold on an event in the week view to move, duplicate, or delete it
– Fixed an issue where some birthdays could appear with the incorrect age
– Fixed the time shifting incorrectly when changing an event to floating time zone
– Various fixes and improvements



2 thoughts on “Fantastical Updated

  1. I have multiple Gmail accounts for my businesses and personal life. Will this app integrate and sync with all of them? If I am a Google Calendar user, do you still suggest this app?

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