Together Gets Better

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Together, the personal alternative to Evernote, has been updated again and keeps improving. Even the Mac version has had some recent updates. The stability and syncing ability have greatly improved since the initial launch.

The app allows you to clip, organize and keep various snippets of information, web pages, photos, and more so you can easily call them up when needed.

The latest update to the iOS provides the following fixes:

– Fixed a problem where deeper folder hierarchies in downloaded iCloud libraries may not always be created.
– Fixed a problem where removing a library from the device wouldn’t remove it from iCloud.
– Fixed problems that can occur after storing items in iCloud fails.
– A more descriptive Kind is now shown for items in the list.
– Smart group icons are now shown correctly in the document picker.
– Fixed a “file already exists” problem that can occur after a previous attempt importing the same file failed.


Together 3 is the Mac version which works with iCloud to sync your clippings between your iOS device and your Mac.

If you are a member of Screencastsonline, you can view a recent show and see the app in action.


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