TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad Updates

TranscriptPad 2 icon  DocReviewPad icon

Lit Software has updated two of their three iPad litigation apps to support iPad Pro resolution and provided other updates. The two apps, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad, help those in the legal profession organize and review electronic documents including PDFs, transcripts, photos and more.

DOCREVIEWPAD screenshot3

TrialPad can be used to organize, annotate and present information for trial, hearings and mediation.

A 30 minute video demonstration of TrialPad is available here. (click on video to open on Vimeo)

TranscriptPad works with transcripts to help you review, annotate and create reports.

DocReviewPad allows you to review, bates number and export sets of documents.

You can get all three apps as part of a bundle here.



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