OneNote – Digital Notebook and More

OneNote Mac

Microsoft OneNote, is a digital whiteboard / notebook app that allows you to capture notes, ideas, errands on the go or on your Mac. Your notes and ideas can be synced to the cloud via OneDrive. You can learn more about using the app from MicroSoft’s OneNote page.

OneNote Screen Shot Split

The ability to clip information from the web as well as sketch and scribble ideas instead of just typing on the screen sets this app apart from some other notebook apps. You may even enjoy using the camera to take a picture of a class board or white board to capture your ideas.

What’s New in Version 15.20
“Motion Pictures” – Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine alongside your notes with the Share Extension.
**iPad Air/Mini2 and above**
Freedom of Translation- Rearrange your notes, ex post facto. Outlines, images, and other items are now free to move anywhere on a page
Flex Select- Wrangle together selections of text, images, and other page content with the lasso tool. Let the shape of your selection be bound only by your imagination (and the confines of a Euclidean plane)
Darkroom, Lite – Rotate and resize images to your heart’s content
**IPhone 5S and above + iPod 6th gen and up**
Darkroom, Lite – Rotate and resize images to your heart’s content

To learn more about using OneNote 2016 on the Mac, check out Microsoft’s Support page. This 11 minute video may assist you as well.


2 thoughts on “OneNote – Digital Notebook and More

  1. Very helpful information on OneNote for the iPad. I use them together and they’re an unbeatable combination (if you want immediate availability of notes on all OneNote platforms).
    Would be helpful to learn which are the best fine tipped styli for OneNote on iPad Air2. I’ve tried a number, but none seem to write as well as the fat rubber tips – which is not really a writing experience.

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