Drafts 4

Drafts 4 icon

Drafts 4 is an action note app. Open the app, get your note, thought, or idea down and then act on it. With the text you enter, you can share, email, message, create reminders, post to social media and more. The app also works with Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive so you can append and prepend to files and notes.

If you need a customized action, you may create one or find it already exists on the Drafts Action Directory. An action is built from “steps” so you can organize, build and rearrange steps to accomplish more with your text.

The keyboard has been modified to allow you to speed up the process of entering and sharing text. Tap on the keyboard image below to see some of the other tools built into the keyboard.

Drafts 4 Keyboard

The app even works with your Apple Watch.

The most recent update includes the following improvements:

– [Change] Action importer fix.
– [Fix] Selection of “All” or “Trash” tabs not properly restored across app restarts.
– [Fix] Selection of “All” action group not properly restored across app restarts.
– [Change] Re-enable meta tag generation in MultiMarkdown processor. Broke some workflows.

Think of Drafts as a one stop shop for your text. You don’t need to open a bunch of different apps to enter your text, just put it into Drafts and then send it where you want it to go.


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