TrialPad Optimized for iPadPro

TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad is an app used by lawyers and litigators to organize and present information for judges, jurors and mediators. A more thorough review will be provided in the near future. However, there have been major improvements made that include the following:

* iPad Pro resolution support.
* Content is sharp and crisp and the layout is designed the iPad Pro.
* Increased amount of content on the screen:
* More cases viewable in the Cases Screen.
* Longer file names and information can be displayed in landscape orientation.
* More room to preview what is shown on the external display.
* The iPad Pro can display the document list and whole preview window while in portrait orientation.
* Apple Smart Keyboard support, use to quickly find a document.
* Support for presenting in portrait orientation.
* Documents, Multimedia , and Key Docs tabs retain their respective scroll position when switching between tabs.
* Split Screen mode changes:
* Active document is now prominently highlighted from underneath.
* Inactive document is dimmed when an annotation mode is activated, so you know which document you are working with.
* Full screen mode (Expand button) has been re-designed to take advantage of Apple’s new APIs.
* Collapsing the master view was previously something we had to work around Apple’s APIs to accomplish, but now it is officially supported.
* The animation to collapse and expand is now smoother.
* Showing and hiding the document list has been re-designed to look and behave like Apple’s Apps, with the arrows on the top left and the “Documents” back button to show the Documents list.
* The PDF viewer has been completely rewritten using Swift and Apple’s latest APIs:
* For better performance, stability, and compatibility with the latest OS features.
* For the additional capabilities under the hood that we will exploit soon, such as the change the scroll direction of pages to left-right, and scroll direction of documents to up-down.
* Smoother animations of zooming into documents.
* Annotating:
* Apple pencil support when using the laser tool (it automatically offsets when using your finger, but not when using the Apple Pencil).
* Straight line tool now snaps to 90 degree angles.
* Highlights can now overlap without multiplying and making darker shades.
* New Snapshot tool.
* A snapshot can be taken of any document with its annotations and callouts.
* Snapshots can also be taken of multiple documents displayed in Split Screen mode.
* Snapshots are collected into a new Snapshots folder.
* Snapshots can be printed or exported to another app, e.g. Keynote.
* You can now create Key Docs from multiple documents and/or folders of documents.
* You can now import page-level issue codes as Key Docs from DocReviewPad Production Set.
* User Guide is now included in app as a PDF that can be viewed in QuickLook or downloaded and printed.
* Blank/Freeze/Present buttons are now always visible, but greyed out when not available.


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