Lexis Advance HD and TextMap

Lexis HD icon

Lexis Advance HD is an iPhone app to use to work with your Lexis account to do legal research. There is an iPad version as well. The app is a free download but you need to have an account with Lexis to access the services. This (slightly out of date and loud) video shows some of the features and capabilities.

Over time, the various improvements to the interface have made this app a very good tool to use when you are away from your main computer. You can read more about using the app and its features from here.

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The latest improvements include:

• Cite to Administrative Codes in stylized formats when copying text with cite
• Access Patent PDFs within applicable documents
• Enhanced Copy with Cite to be compatible with word processing apps
• Ability to save custom cite list to folder
• Improved citation search results
• Other enhancements and bug fixes

Using the app, you can sort research into various client folders and sync it so you can access the same folders online on your Mac or PC via a browser. The app allows you to copy the case citation, view the decision as a PDF, email the decision and more.

The developer has a wide variety of other apps to do your legal and other research. You can go here to see the various apps.

There is even a TextMap app that works with the PC version of the TextMap app to allow you to review and annotate transcripts on the go. You can watch that app in action below.

If you have an account with Lexis, make sure to download and use the Lexis Advance HD app to help you with your research and work while on the go.



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