iAnnotate 4 – Improvements Galore

iAnnotate 4 icon

iAnnotate 4 is an upgraded version of the prior PDF annotation tool and viewer. This app allows you to read, annotate, and share PDFs, Office files and web pages. You can even use the app to highlight documents and insert stamps.

iAnnotate 4 All Devices

The newest version is a universal app so you can work on all of your iOS devices.

The annotation tools allow you to use the pencil, highlighter, underline, create a note, shapes and more to mark up your PDFs. You can even use pop-up comments.

If you use the iPad Pro, you can use the app in multitasking mode, use the keyboard shortcuts with an Apple keyboard and the app has auto Apple Pencil detection. The multitasking mode allows you to do things like listen to music or work with other apps side by side. If you hold down the command button on the Apple keyboard, you can see a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Iannotate screenshot toolbars

There are side toolbars that you can customize for different uses.

Webpages can be annotated by opening a web page in a tab in the app. Then, clip it to PDF and mark it up.

You can share your flattened PDFs via text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The document saves its state when you switch tabs and when you close them out you will have a chance to save the changes you have made.

Cloud support includes OneDrive for business and iCloud support too. To access the extra storage options, click on the red plus sign in the bottom right corner. Then, tap on “Add Storage.” You will be presented with several cloud services you can tap on to add. Once iAnnotate is given permission to talk with the cloud service, you should see the folder structure from that service present.

Once you open a document, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for words in the PDF.

The latest update introduces Offline Access, allowing you to keep files on disk for use while you’re not connected. To use this feature:

1. Select a file or folder in one of your cloud connections
2. Choose Download for Offline Access
3. The app will save a copy that you can open anytime
4. You can close the tab to save back when you get back online.

If you are looking to mark up and read PDFs, you should enjoy using iAnnotate.


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