OmniFocus – Organize Your Life

OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

With the school year beginning, now is a good time to consider getting OmniFocus to help organize your life. The app is not just for students. This app can be used by any kind of professional, parent, teenager and more to help capture your ideas, accomplish your goals and finish your projects.

OmniFocus Screen Shot iPad

To learn more about ways to effectively use OmniFocus, check out Inside OmniFocus. There, you will see example workflows, tools & services and more.

The latest update brines the following changes:

• Encryption — Made changes to significantly reduce the likelihood of a “No Key in Slot” error. For more information on recovering from this error should it occur, please see this support article:
• Large Databases — Made changes to reduce OmniFocus’ memory footprint when reading your database from disk.
• Repetition — Fixed a problem where repeating items could be corrupted when edited on multiple devices.
• Migration — Changed the interval at which you are prompted to migrate to one week, from one day.


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