Devonthink To Go – Major Update

Devonthink to Go icon

Devontechnologies has finally released the 2.0 version of the iOS companion app Devonthink To Go. The app has two levels: Basic and Pro. The differences are described on DevonThink’s page. The pro version is a $4.99 in app purchase.

On the Mac, DevonThink is great document and information management database program used by many professionals to manage large amounts of information.

The iOS version allows you to sync your databases from your Mac to your iOS devices.

Devonthink Screenshot iPad

You can use the app to:

– Browse and view your documents
– Organize your files
– Capture notes, images, bookmarks
– Edit plain text files, RTF documents, and formatted notes (based on HTML)
– Annotate PDFs (requires one-time in-app purchase)
– Link to your documents from other apps supporting URLs
– Search using a powerful search language
– Sync with DEVONthink for Mac or other iOS devices running DEVONthink To Go 2

The app has been completely rewritten from version 1. The improvements to the app include:

– App badge shows number of unread items across all databases.
– Smart groups added listing audio and video files.

– Keyboard handling.
– Detail info for groups.
– Navigating into groups twice as fast.
– Reliability of uploads to and downloads from sync stores in case of interruptions e.g. on unreliable networks.
– Bonjour server is started as soon as the network is available.
– Bonjour locations prefer host name and port to open connections.
– After a failure to open a Bonjour connection, the Bonjour service is resolved again.
– Multithreading when syncing.
– Canceling of Dropbox requests.
– Memory management.
– Overall reliability.

– App name was truncated in Springboard.
– Issue where it was possible to replicate between databases.
– Issue where the app badge wasn’t cleared after switching from version 1.x.
– Issue where only the first selected search result could be displayed.
– Issue where search results where not updated after downloading a pending record.
– Issue where tags inside of tags were not offered in tag suggestion menu.
– Issue where database icons could flicker while indexing was running.
– Issue where the selection of record lists flickered when selecting another record (iPad).
– Issue where the animation when deleting or putting back items by swiping was clunky.
– Issue where new WebDAV locations didn’t accept invalid HTTPS certificates.
– Issue where DEVONthink To Go could crash if a sync store commit was interrupted.
– Issue where DEVONthink To Go could crash when using the keyboard buttons in formatted notes with word suggestions switched off.
– Issue where DEVONthink To Go could crash on the database list.
– Further rare crashes.

You can learn more about the app from DevonThink’s web page.


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