Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS

Adobe Reader icon2

Adobe for iOS has been updated. The PDF reader is a powerful app that allows you to view, annotate, edit and organize your PDF files. You can access various online storage locations like DropBox, iCloud Drive and more.

You can even open a PDF from Mail. Tap on the attachment then tap on the share icon. Choose “Copy to Adobe Acrobat Reader.” The PDF will now be available to you to read.

Navigating the Tools

On the top left of the Adobe screen, you can tap the home button to reveal various tools including Viewer, Comment, Create PDF, Edit PDF, Export PDF, and Fill & Sign.

Adobe Reader Tools

The tool used to view the PDF is the Viewer. The right hand side has a page number slider to allow you to see which page you are on. Tap and hold the number to move through the PDF pages. At the bottom are various to allow you to control the look of the PDF, comment, search, send and see bookmarks.

Adobe Tools

Tap on the tool on the bottom far left. Can set the viewing mode to continuous, single page or reading mode. The Night Mode will reverse the image to make the white black for easier night time reading.

Adobe Commenting Tools

Tap on the commenting tools button to the right of the reading tool to add comment bubbles, highlighting, cross through text, add text, pencil and create signature. To close the tools, tap on Done at the top left of the screen or Undo to undo the markup.

Tap on the magnifying glass to search for text in searchable PDFs.

Tap on the Share button to share the file, share a link, save the document, print, etc.

Tap the bottom on the far right to see the book marks, if any in the PDF.


Explore all the possibilities with Adobe’s Reader app to open, read and mark up PDFs.




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