OneNote – How to Create and Add Subpages and Tags

OneNote Mac

Microsoft OneNote is an electronic notebook – scrapbook – notetaker app all in one.

There are many features that make this app useful. First, you need to understand how a notebook is set up. The hierarchical outline form is as follows:

  • Notebook
    • Section (or Section Group consisting of multiple sections)
      • Page
        • note, object, PDF, text, table, file attachment, link, shape, audio recording etc.

For example, in the Notebook created for this post – “Camera and Equipment” information about Canon Cameras and lenses was organized into various pages and sections. The setup is seen below. Such an idea is easily translated to a Trial Notebook, Deposition Notebook or other notebook for gathering information and ideas about various topics.


There are various section tabs, each of which contain pages of information. The pages are named based on the title given on the page, See e.g. EOS 70D where the name of the page appearing on the top right is the name that appears in the pages column.

It is possible to better organize notes by creating page hierarchies by indenting various pages and subpages. To accomplish this on the iPad, tap the Edit button at the top of the page column. Here, it is to the left of EOS 70D. (above).

Once you tap that edit button, you can select various pages and then indent or outdent them by tapping on the corresponding icon.


This hierarchical outlining can help you better organize your notes and information. This is a read only link to the Notebook I created so you can see how it it organized and set up. You should be able to open this with your OneNote app.


You can sync the work you do in your notebook between your iOS devices and your laptop using Microsoft’s cloud services OneDrive.


Once you login from your devices and laptop, your notebooks can be stored, accessed, and synced in that cloud space. To set up Autosync including the attachments from your iOS device, tap the little 3 hamburger icon on the top left, then tap the gear icon, then select Sync and turn on the Auto Sync Attachments.

Creating Tags, Etc.

You can create various tags, including checkboxes, highlighting, stars, etc. by tapping on the text box and tapping on the tag icon.


Then, choose from the various tag choices.

Help is Available

Microsoft has OneNote Help available for iPad. The best way to understand OneNote is to try playing around with creating a notebook. The methods for doing so are slightly different on the laptop and the iOS device. On a laptop, you can right click to perform certain tasks, on the iOS device, you can tap on the various objects to perform certain actions or tap on a text box to add text.


OneNote is a powerful app for gathering and organizing information, ideas, and thoughts. There are no real limitations as it is basically a fancy electronic whiteboard notebook. This brief overview is to help you start understanding the hierarchy of a notebook and organizing pages within in it.


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