Lawyer’s Guide to iPad – Review of Notes Plus

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Recently, I published an article in The Lawyer’s Guide to a Well-Appointed iPad (3rd Edition). I’m one of 7 co-authors, all of whom are lawyers and iPad experts. Download your free PDF copy here. The excerpt of my contribution appears below.

Notes Plus icon update

Notes Plus helps you create, keep, and organize your digital notes on your iPad. In fact, you can even search all your handwritten notes.

What Makes It Great

Among the most powerful features is the ability to search your handwritten and typed notes across multiple notebooks, not just the notebook you’re currently using. This is especially important when you don’t remember which notebook contains the notes you want. You may need to run the built in text convertor for best results. Notes Plus can also recognize your handwritten notes and export them as editable text. You can review the conversion and correct any errors before you finish the export.

Notes Plus lets you tweak almost every aspect of your note-taking experience. You can choose different colors and styles of paper, pen characteristics, and even the thickness of the pen stroke. Shape detection technology enables you to add perfect circles, squares, etc. To erase, tap and choose the eraser tool or better yet scratch through what you want to delete and then confirm.

You can export in PDF format and email your notes to someone. Notes Plus offers integration with Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive. Of course, you can print notes too.


The good and bad of the app is there is so much you can do. Learning all the features and where to go to access them can seem overwhelming.

Competing Apps I’ve Tried

Apple Notes – A simpler notes app that doesn’t recognize handwritten notes but does allow you to sync across iOS devices and your Mac.

GoodNotes – This app cannot search across notebooks and doesn’t match Notes Plus’ ability to tweak pages and notebooks.

OneNote – Microsoft’s popular notes app offers a web clipper but it’s not as good for handwritten notes as a dedicated app like Notes Plus.


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