Airtable Update

Airtable 3 icon

Airtable is a flexible cloud based database that you can use to organize simple to complex tasks and information. It was recently updated with the following features:

* Use the scroll handle to quickly scroll through all of your records! Gone are the days when it took hours to scroll to the bottom.
* Squashed some bugs.
* See all of your fields without expanding a record via a completely redesigned layout, and take advantage of those big screens with a brand new look for iPad.
* Re-order and add fields directly from the grid view.
* Pull down to reveal the summary bar and view summary functions for each field.
* Tap on a field header to update the summary function.

The Airtable app can be used on your iOS device or you can simply use a browser to access your various tables. The power of this platform is its simplicity and ability to collaborate. You can create checklists, organize collections of documents, manage customers or contacts and so much more.

sortable collaborate

Screencastslonline has a good screencast on using the app. If you are not a member of Screencastsonline, it is worth joining if you want to see someone walk through and explain using various apps each week.




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