Ulysses Update Makes Great App Better


Ulysses by the Soulmen is a great writing app for getting thoughts down and organizing articles, notes and more.

Ulysses Themes

The latest update includes the following long list of new features and fixes:

## New Features
– Added editing of TextBundle files in Dropbox
– Added import of TextBundle and TextPack files
– Added reading time goals

## Fixes: WordPress
– Generally improved compatibility with various WordPress blogs
– Improved error detection on sign-in and when uploading posts and images
– Publishing status is now stored for each account
– Fixed sign-in failure when a blog does not have a favicon
– Added a limit on the number of tags and categories downloaded from a blog
– Fixed a bug where tags and categories where not properly refreshed
– Improved help texts when preparing a post for upload

## Fixes: External Folders
– Fixed a crash when using fenced code blocks in external sources
– Fixed a crash when searching inside external folders
– Fixed a bug when using long CJK file names in external folders

## Fixes: Editor
– Focus mode is now disabled when scrolling to improve readability
– Fixed a crash when pasting from the app ‘Copied’
– Type writer mode now stays in line when using arrow keys
– Fixed dictation on iOS 10
– Fixed a bug where images could not be taken from the camera on iOS 10
– Fixed several drawing problems
– Fixed several crashes while editing sheets

## Fixes: Export
– Updated Medium preview style to latest version
– Fixed several compatibility issues with DOCX and latest versions of Word and Pages
– Added support for importing CSS files as HTML styles
– Fixed wrong font display in HTML export preview
– Fixed a crash when rotating the PDF preview
– Fixed a bug where the ePub exporter duplicated image files

## Fixes: Dropbox
– Generally improved reliability and performance of the Dropbox sync
– Added support for using the Share Extension with Dropbox
– Fixed an issue when authorizing Ulysses to use an existing Dropbox account
– Improved handling of server-side errors in Dropbox
– Fixed a bug where sheets created via X-Callback used the wrong filename

## Other Fixes
– Fixed a crash when moving several sheets
– Fixed a wrong error message when browsing backups
– Fixed a crash when emptying the trash
– Fixed a bug where upload/download indicators did not disappear on iCloud/Dropbox
– Reduced CPU usage when indexing files for search
– Fixed a bug that crashed Ulysses when going to background
– Fixed a crash when removing a Dropbox folder
– Fixed dozens of other crashes

This app is especially powerful and useful with the iPad keyboard. Using the external keyboard give you much more space to type out your thoughts as the software keyboard is not in the way.

The app synchronizes quite well using iCloud with the Mac app so you can take your work with you and always keep up to date.


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