Make iPad External Display via Duet Display

DuetDisplay icon

Recently, I was traveling to speak at a seminar out of state with my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. While putting the final touches on my Keynote presentation, I realized I missed my external monitor to give me the extra room to also work on an Acrobat document for work.

Enter Duet Display, an iOS app you can download to make your iOS device an external monitor for your computer. You buy and download the app from the iOS store on your iOS device and then download the free app for your computer (Mac or PC) from the developers.

You will need the cable you usually use to connect your computer to your iPad. For the MacBookPro TouchBar and other Macs that use USB-C, you may need the cable that goes from USB-C to Lightning.

Once you have your device connected and have installed Duet Display on both your iOS device and computer, you can control various settings.

Duet Settings

Your iOS device resolution can impact what you see and how much. The higher the resolution you set, the more you can see. There is even a setting to allow you to use via touch, your touch bar on your iPad.

Duet Display Display Arrangement

To control the location of your display (whether it appears to the left or right of your computer), tap on the Duet icon at the top of your screen and then tap on the gear icon to make additional settings. For a Mac, you can read this Apple Support article.

So, if you have an iPad that you carry around with you and your Mac and want the benefits of an external monitor, you should definitely consider Duet Display.


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