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iWork Collaboration

With the release of iOS 10.3, MacOS 10.12.4, and updated iWork apps, collaboration is now even better. It is now possible to collaborate – work with others – on various iWork documents.

Apple Inc.

From your iOS device, you can “share” or collaborate with others using iCloud and the iWork apps in real time.

In the iOS iWork document, tap on the 3 dots and select “Collaborate With Others” and choose the way you want to share document. You can “Add People” to collaborate and choose a way to send the invitation to collaborate. You can invite people via Messages, Mail, and other methods.

Make sure you choose “Share Options”  which allows you to set the permissions of who can access and what they can do with the document – edit v. read. The options you select determine who can read the shared document as well as who can edit it. Choose the parameters you want.

While working, you can see who you are working with and view changes in real time. PC users can access the documents via a PC web browser.

To read more about collaboration with iWork documents, click here.


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