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Hanx Writer – Hi-Tech Keyboard Old School Feel

Hanx Writer is a really nifty app for those who enjoy typing or want to switch up the feel of your keyboard. Basically, the app gives you the opportunity to type using a realistic typewriter GUI. The sounds and motions of the moving parts are recreated with accuracy.

Your screen can be used as the keyboard or you can connect an extern blue tooth or Smart Keyboard to the iOS device to give you more screen room as seen below.

[The app states it is not compatible with the iPad Pro but the standard free version of the typewriter seems to work with my iPad Pro 12.9″ with Smart Keyboard.]

You get one “Free” keyboard as shown. You can use and enjoy the sites and sounds of that keyboard from within the app.

Third Party Keyboard Functionality

With an in app purchase, you can upgrade to get other typewriters or add additional functionality like working with multiple documents from within the app or hearing all of the sounds in other apps while using this third party keyboard. The least expensive upgrade costs 99¢ and includes the standard “Prime Select” keyboard.

Like other keyboard apps, you can add this third-party keyboard. Tap Settings > Keyboard > Add New Keyboard… and choose Hanx Writer. Then, tap on Allow Full Access.

Now, from your keyboard, tap and hold on the Globe at the bottom left and choose Hanx Writer.

With the in-app purchases, you can have the ability to change the font size, color, and look of your keyboard.


If you are looking for a fun way to type, jot down notes or share the fun of an old fashioned typewriter, check out Hanx Writer.


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