iPhone X – Way Cool


Credit Apple Inc.

I have been playing around with my new iPhone X since the Friday launch date. Here are some quick thoughts about using it.

  • No Home Button – No Problem – I have forgotten about missing a home button. Opening the phone is as easy as picking it up, tilting it towards you and swiping up with your thumb. The phone automagically opens with the facial recognition.
  • Quitting Apps – One thing that I could not figure out was how to quit apps. On older phones, you double tap on the home button and then slide the open apps up to quit them. To accomplish this now, from the home screen, you slowly slide your thumb up and leave it about half way up the screen for a moment. Then, you will see your running apps in a stack to the left. Tap and hold on one and a red “-” will appear at the top left of each app. Tap on the red “-” over each app you want to quit that and the app will quit. If you are in an app, at the bottom, you will see a small line. Tap on that line and swipe up to the middle to accomplish the same thing.
  • Battery Percentage – I am used to seeing the percentage of battery at the top left. There appears to be no way to make that percentage number appear and stay. The 2 work arounds are to plug your phone into a charger and you will see the charge. The second way is to swipe down from the top right to access your control panel. There, you will see the battery percentage.
  • Update Apps – Make sure you update the apps for compatibility with the new iPhone. A few apps did not work. I also found that if I had a problem that deleting the app and reinstalling seemed to help.
  • QI Charger Not – Last, I chose not to get a QI charging pad to lay the iPhone on at this time. All of my cables currently work and I think I will hold out until Apple comes out with their version that will allow the Air Pod, Apple Watch and iPhone to charge.

If you happen to be near an Apple store, check the availability with the Apple Store app. An iPhone X may be closer than you think.



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