Lexis Advance HD 8.0 Update

If you use the Lexis legal research service, you will find the updated Lexis Advance® HD app a useful tool to allow you to research on the go.

You can search the various services you have access to including State, Federal, Practice Areas and more.

The information is displayed in an easy to see format and you can easily filter the information. When you find a case of interest, you can see it displayed along with the citation and various hyperlinks in the case will take you to the cases and statutes cited.

One helpful feature is the ability to download cases, statutes and other files and store them locally for reference later.

The developer states:

With the Lexis Advance app, you can:
• View and annotate documents while offline with ability to sync changes!
• View alerts instantly
• Stay organized with remote access to saved files and folders
• Access favorites, previous research results quickly and search within results
• Ensure your research is “good law” with Shepard’s®
• Browse Sources and access Table of Contents
• Highlight and annotate text within documents
• Deliver documents via email, wireless printing or one-click PDF options

So, if you already have the service, you should try the app to take your research on the go. This app works on the iPhone as well.



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