Notes, Lists and Sharing

It’s the start of a new year and time to get organized. How about use the built in Notes app with iCloud to create lists of things you need or need to accomplish and share them with others who can update them?

Let’s use a simple example…A grocery list. Let’s say you have family or a significant other who needs items from a grocery store. Instead of keeping a paper list or sticky notes in different places, consider using the Share This Note with Others Feature built into Notes.

How does it work? It’s simple.

After opening the Notes app, click on the pencil icon to create a new note. Then, type in the top line something like Grocery List and hit return.

Now, start making your list…Apples, Carrots, Milk 2%, Oatmeal, Bread, Toothpaste, etc. Hit return after each item, then select all of the items and tap the circle with the check mark in it at the top. This will create an empty circle next to each item that allow you to tap in the circle to make a check mark.

If you tap or click in a circle, a check mark will appear. That way, while you are shopping, you can check off the items as you get them.

Next, let’s share the note to allow others to edit, add or delete items to the list. To do that, tap on the person with + icon. When you hover over it, it may say share this note with others.

Now, you can select the method to share your notes to be edited by those you invite. If you do not want them to make changes, then select the permissions Only people you invite can view by clicking next to Permission: Whether you choose Mail, Messages or something else, those you invite can then see, edit and delete information in the note.

After you share your list, assuming the recipient has an iCloud account, they will then be able to see, edit and modify the shared list. When they do so, your list will be updated and if you make changes, so will what they see.

From your iOS device, you easily can tap next to the item, tap on the smiley face and then type the item and look for an emoji to enter.

Other examples of share list can include items needed for a project, to do items for a task, things to order from a restaurant, etc.

Start using Notes with the shared feature to make your new year more productive. Tap to learn more about the Notes app.


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