iPad Development Underway

Apple has posted a page to allow developers to start working on developing iPad apps.  The developers can start working with the iPhone SKD 3.2 beta.  It contains all the tools needed to start developing and optimizing applications. The program even comes with …. an “iPad Simulator.”  The simulator lets developers build and run anContinue reading “iPad Development Underway”

Apple’s iPad Page – Camera Connection Kit

Apple has finally updated its web page to include information about the features, design, technical specs, pricing and availability. (credit for photo:Apple,Inc.) Several accessories are also available.  Those include the Keyboard Dock, which will enable you to charge your device as well as sync to the computer.  Interestingly, a feature listed is an accessory calledContinue reading “Apple’s iPad Page – Camera Connection Kit”

iPad…Looks Good and Available Soon

Well…now that it’s been announced, there appear to be mixed feelings. Some people can’t wait to get one, others are underwhelmed.  I think, for the price, the cheapest version blows Kindle and Nook out of the water plus, you can check your email, surf the web, carry family photos around, listen to your music, readContinue reading “iPad…Looks Good and Available Soon”

Waiting for Apple’s Announcement

It’s 10:30 am on the east coast.  Only 2 1/2 hours before the start of the presentation.  I am not expecting any announcement about the iPad until well into the Stevenote.  Like the showman he is, Steve will build the excitement and keep everyone on the edge of their seat. It has been fun readingContinue reading “Waiting for Apple’s Announcement”